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Married couples will have disagreements at the beginning of the month. But, as the month progresses love will be what they are talking about all through to the end. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!


Your Monthly Horoscope

According to the December horoscope predictions , this month your family will help you in every way possible to ensure that your psychological health is in order. Family members will take it upon themselves to take you to therapy for you to let go of the past and focus on what the future holds for you. The Aquarius December horoscope predicts that your health will not be that great this month. Your energy levels are low and psychological issues are taking a toll on you.

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After the 23 rd of this month, you will get some relief because you will start going for therapy and eating well to regain your physical and psychological health. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! According to the monthly horoscopes , this month you will find it hard to cope with other people in the workplace. You will have to find a way to cooperate well with your workmates to achieve greatness.

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All those people who are looking for employment will only get work after the 23 rd of the month when the stars will be in a kind mood. Test Now! As per the zodiac signs predictions , financial prosperity will be your portion this month.

Areas of Contraction and Lessons in Simplicity

Profits will come your way from the investments that you have made in the past. You will also indulge in other businesses that will bring you money. Getting school fees this month will not be a challenge for you. The December Aquarius horoscope predictions reveal that friends and social contacts will be willing to finance your education up to university or college.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope December 2018

Discover Travel Astro Profile Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 A new moon on Friday, December 7 activates the area of your chart connected to extended community, but it may make you feel a bit disoriented.

There is no perspective during this lunation: When the sun and moon occupy the same sign, the night is completely dark. Accordingly, you may have a difficult time separating fact from fiction. Take the weekend — or even a week or two — to consider your options, love. Capricorn season officially begins on Friday, December 21 , as the sun enters this hardworking earth sign.

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  • As the sun moves across the sign directly before your own, you enter a phase associated with release. This cosmic cleaning helps you cut ties with anything that is no longer serving your soul.

    Aquarius Horoscope - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope From 24th December 2018 In Hindi

    Whether the blockages are emotional, physical, or interpersonal, Capricorn season is all about saying goodbye. Be brave.

    Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

    Aries is governed by Mars, so when these two align, they create a powerful force that activates the area of your chart connected to local affairs. How can you capture the essence of a revolution in your daily life? Brooklyn Perfume Company's Musk Eau de Parfum is an energetic fragrance that will be sure to turn heads: a new ecologically friendly take on an old scent, this aroma will definitely spark innovation. Find Aliza on Instagram , Twitter , and her website. This full moon helps you cut ties with anything that no longer serves your soul.