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Sun in Leo, 2 Decan, Ruled by expansive Jupiter. August loves to travel and sports-minded; adventurous responsible a leader in society or in a social group self-indulgent exaggerates solid needs problems to tackle fixed in his or her ways tenacious loyal and devoted kind of a masochist patiently seeking ways out of problem situations depressive tendencies, blaming themselves often their own worst enemies wants some isolation, a private place to work things out themselves paranoia very faithful!

Aug 7, 7. January experimental open-minded stubborn friendly dislikes to take orders learns quickly impatient easily bored wants everything his or her way impulsive self-destructive emotionally unstable, easily upset moody prone to breakdowns needs freedom cannot stand restrictions attracted to the wrong partners Right on the damn money, except for the self destruction part.

I don't even drank Aug 7, 8. Thanks OP! Very accurate for me and hubby :yes:. Aug 7, 9. June humanitarian interests intellectual and living on the mental plane compassionate and delicate ego fixed ideas but very original and creative unpredictable behavior and cannot stand to be pinned down serious always on the move the explorer and adventurer very detached has a nebulous self-image charming the story-teller good with money dual feelings can be a mess emotionally needs a change in relationships and free space cannot stand formalities and restrictions But Im terrible with money..

I spend it and dont get too bothered about tomorrow till I get there and panic.. This is the one I use, its also crazy accurate. If you want good Birthday astrology check this out. Im trying to get more info about the author and other books, Jill M. Aug 7, September interested in the physical world loves fashion and clothes designer friendly and sociable works in a subordinate position willful controls the own feelings dislikes emotional display shrewd evaluative instincts highly demanding selfish and manipulative drives can be ruthless blind to see the other's point of view attracted to physical and sensuous beauty extremely sensitive to external stimuli taste, smell, I guess they got my number.

This is me and my mom to a T. My birthday is April 30th and my moms is April 29th. This was very comprehensive and spot-on accurate. Thanks OP. May 4th! Aug 8, This is me. Don't know about the last 4, but everything else is right on point. August health-conscious, into the medical fields rather shy, timid, silent dresses neatly loves details and manual work keen observer hesitant and even suspicious easily upset by chaos too rigid and inflexible fixed attitude servile and caring rather passive wants to be discovered unstable love life suffers from nervous and emotional instability tends to withdraw.

All of which is me June humanitarian interests intellectual and living on the mental plane compassionate and delicate ego fixed ideas but very original and creative unpredictable behavior and cannot stand to be pinned down serious always on the move the explorer and adventurer very detached has a nebulous self-image charming the story-teller good with money dual feelings can be a mess emotionally needs a change in relationships and free space cannot stand formalities and restrictions June 16 The collector.

Very possessive. June 17 Emotionally closed. Needs an intelligent partner. June 18 A fighter. A big ego. The social butterfly. January not too intellectual, misjudgements possible wrong loyal wrong business-minded wrong longs for material success wrong ambitious correct a striver correct hardheaded, tough and often aggressive correct dislikes weakness correct work comes first wrong often rather naive wrong Swing and a miss. This sounds nothing like me and was very inaccurate. I don't believe in this stuff so I wonder why I even came in here expecting something to be spot on.

May pleasure-seeking YES! Food and Sex make me happy. Now, I collect cute handbags. Folks always want to know were i get my ish and my skincare routine. I'm quite awesome.

Ppl irk me sometimes if start praising me too much and ish. Forceful and often compulsive. Argumentative and fretful. Cannot decide. Too much into perfection. Aug 9, My Sept Bday results: Keeps an eye on trends. I spend hours and hours looking at hot shit Creative.

Very Gorgeous. Why, Thank YOU!!!! Cannot open up emotionally. Unfortunately Self-expressive. Over time, you might see a softer, gentler young lady. You just have to help it evolve. What a great read! I am an Aries who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Nov. Full on Scorpio born on a Tuesday! Dad is a Leo and his childhood caused him to be even more on the selfish side of that sign. Many are terrified! Now, add the element of water and fire together — eventually, there will be some steam. So, Leo hubby will need to take care and not throw so much fire around that the water evaporates.

Old Scorpio. She was born 3 mo. Premature on November 17th and she beat all of the odds. She was only 1lb 13oz at birth she had a pda ligation heart surgery at 1 mo old. They said if she made it she would be on oxygen support for a while after coming home. Well she came home on February 23rd no oxygen support they said she would have physical complications possibly cerebral palsy.

She has unbridled determination! I have to set her down and walk away at which point she has a melt down. I come back kiss her tell her I love her and sometimes she goes on. However there are times that all she wants to do is rearrange my facial features lol. I want my daughter to be respectful but also her own person, I do not under any circumstances want to hinder her spirited nature I think it is beautiful, and I attribute her success and literally her life to it. Any suggestions for this Pisces Mom? Also she came early does this affect her sign at all? Apologies for delayed reply.

The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Oh my goodness! When I was born, my heart stopped for 4 minutes and I had pneumonia. For the first 3 months of my life I was in a hospital incubator. The doctors told my mom I would be stunted physically and mentally.

Additionally, the one story my mom loved to tell more than any was the time when I was 5 and she smacked my bottom when I misbehaved. She was sitting in a chair and when she whacked me, I balled up my fist and punched her in the face. That was an accurate prediction. We almost died at childbirth but we fought all the odds and are alive! Very, very alive! Her higher self can help her ascend without having to go through hell and back — over and over again. Finally, yes. I do think it matters a great deal that she came 3 weeks early. Also, her soul never wanted to be a Sagittarius in the first place.

But your daughter planned to be a Scorpio from inception. And, true to Scorpio nature, she got her way! Thank you so much I love reading any new insight with my daughter. She too had Brady desaturations where her heart would stop or near stop and she would not breathe. She can stop dying and coming back any time now!!!

Thank you for all of your input! Your little one is really gonna do great things. I know this because any Scorpio who puts themselves and their families through this kind of drama is simply getting ready for the BIG things they are going to do in life! I was so excited I forgot to mention her father is a Sagittarius but he left a little over a month after she was born and disappears for months at a time.

My boyfriend is a Capricorn. We live with my family Sagittarius grandma my mom my cancer brother who is 16 and my daughters grandpa my step dad who is a June 19 Gemini. My mother is great but she definitely grew up in a very disciplined household. And so what my mom says goes when we were kids. Which is going to be frustrating to grandma soon lol. Every other post I have read makes me laugh because these little Scorpio babes are so much like mine with the brilliant attitudes and full of energy personalities that are so captivating.

Oh, Sagittarius. They have the attention span of toddlers. It makes very good sense why you are in a relationship with a Capricorn — slow and steady. Both Pisces and Scorpio can definitely use some earth element in their lives so they can stay a bit grounded. Good luck with that. Teaching your Scorpio child about themselves can often times be the best approach. Scorpio kids understand they are different. They rarely enjoy this because at the end of the day, all Scorpio seeks is to be loved — deeply and truly.

Scorpios are incredibly challenging to raise. But, the reward can be epic. You got this Pisces momma! Mom of a newborn Scorpio boy here. My partner is also a Gemini. After reading this thread and most of the comments I feel that what has already been revealed is so accurate about my son! Of the traits listed above, I feel that my son is a decent combo of myself and his dad- but mostly his dad. My son, born November 14th is also already very affectionate and understanding, and I definitely already feel that he will be incredibly clairvoyant!

My child is likely to be so much smarter than me. I promise! BUT, we have a thing called a Rising Sign. Because my rising sign is Sagittarius. That will really help you understand him. Hello, We are a Libra mom and Taurus dad. She is smart, well spoken beyond her age, intuitive, tough, confident and outgoing.

She has a soft spot in her heart for babies, animals. On the flip side she can get really angry and lose her temper when something or someone sets her off. She is raised in a loving and stable home. I know this article is about sun Scorpio but was wondering if you could give me some good advice on the moon aspect. I am sorry you are freaked out. Many parents of Scorpio children experience the same emotion.

All water signs are incredible empaths — compassionate beings whose hearts literally break each time they see the ills of society — abused children, animals, elders, etc. Scorpios in particular are the judges of the Universe — they want nothing more than to right all the wrongs. Now, before that scares you tender-hearted Libra mom — try to remember that the human race has been to literal war many times. It is my belief that all who are born Scorpio have fought in true wars throughout many lifetimes. It is who she is and all in the family signed up for this Sacred Contract.

You all will do great! I just know it! My youngest daughter was born November 15, she is now 6. There have been so many changes in the last two years and I have seen a huge difference in her. Her father and I separated and in the last year he has become very sick. He has huntingtons disease and mentally is not stable. He has seen the kids only once throughout the year. This has been difficult on all of my children but my youngest is taking it the hardest. Because of the disease he will not get better and will continue to decline for maybe the next ten years. My question is how do I as a Virgo mother be there for my little scorpio and her siblings Aries and Pisces?

Also struggling with the thoughts that they too could have this disease. Thanks Rachel? My humble apology for the delayed reply. As a Virgo mom, this must be super tough on you. Virgos tend to derail when things get messy.


So, the best advice I can offer is to breathe. Now, your Aries child will most likely be able to cope with all this — no problem. Aries are strong leaders and it takes a great deal to bring them down. See, they are water signs. And, as such, will be able to feel every single vibrational energy — positive and negative.

Also, Scorpios and Pisces are well known for their emotional melt downs. This can be a bit challenging for a Virgo but I get the feeling you are more comfortable working from the heart center than are many Virgos so this methodology might work well for your family. I feel so much relief from what you have said.

This will be a tough journey but I know I can do it. Just breathe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart? I have two daughters and this is so accurate for both. Any advice on keeping a good parenting balance between these two very different personalities? Apology for delayed reply. So, even though your Scorpio child is older, young Libra will love to be helpful in keeping the beloved sibling in a place of peace.

Libra would rather walk off the edge of the earth than have a fight. No good will come of that. I have loved reading all of these comments and advice.

April 17 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

My Scorpio daughter is 5 months old now. I have an Aries son who is 2. Someone once frightened me about having a Scorpio daughter, so here I am! We have a Miss 4 Scorpio and much of what you have shared is our life already, lol. Can you please help shed some light on this dynamic.


Also, after 11 years trying we were finally blessed with our little Scorpio. We are not having any more kids, do you have any advice for raising an only Scorpio? I am a young mom of 2, my aries 2 year old and my piscis 3 year old. Am I doomed?? Hi my son is a Scorpio and his brother is a Virgo.

Mum and dad are both Virgo dad 22nd. Look forward to your reply. November 21… Born 2 weeks early. Been eager from start. Im leo mom dad … Can u tell me more. Hello, I would like some insight on how to manage my 19m Scorpio daughter. She is definitely a challenge to me now. But I admire her spirit and believe she is and will be a force to be reckoned with. I love strong woman and I want to do my best to help mold her into her best self. I am a Taurus and her father Libra. Any insight on how to parent my spicy sweet smart girl using the knowledge of metaphysics would be wonderful!

I have loved reading your insight and comments. My almost 2 year old Scorpio boy is exactly as you described. I am an Aries, Hubby is a Cancer and big brother is a Virgo. What kind of family dynamic can we expect? Rely looking forward to your response! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Tima says: Suprisingly accurate!! August 20, at am Reply.

Born on December 17 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

Bernadette King says: Hi, Tima! August 21, at pm Reply. Lexi says: My daughter was born on October 23 at 1 AM in August 31, at am Reply. Lexi says: P. September 2, at am Reply. Maddie says: My daughter was born October 20 and all of these are so accurate! April 27, at am Reply. Nicole moore says: Hi my baby girl wow different totally different from my other children she just knows how to do everything. September 8, at pm Reply.

Ascendant tables astrology

Bernadette King says: Hi, Nicole; Many parents have said the same thing to me about their Scorpio children. LOL Good luck with your Scorpio baby! Love, Bernadette. September 9, at pm Reply. November 11, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Jessica! Thank you for visiting and commenting on BuildingBeautifulSouls. November 12, at am Reply. January 12, at pm Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Otis; Apologies for the tardy reply.

January 27, at pm Reply. Alexis says: Me!! I would love info on my scorpio child! March 6, at pm Reply. March 10, at am Reply. June 21, at am Reply. August 29, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Bianca! A Scorpio son. May I get you glass of wine? Maybe a double shot margarita? August 30, at pm Reply. Bianca says: Yes having a Scorpio son is tough! Bernadette King says: Hi, Bianca! LOL Love, Bernadette. Zing says: Very interesting! September 13, at am Reply.

Hope that helps! September 16, at am Reply. Zing says: Awww, thank you kindly! September 18, at pm Reply. Leo Mom says: Hi! September 17, at pm Reply. Leo Mom says: Thank you! September 21, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Leo Mom! September 22, at am Reply. Lisa says: This was so interesting to read. September 29, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hi, Lisa; Please accept my apology. October 12, at am Reply. April says: I have a scorpio daughter. September 30, at pm Reply. Mom of a Mighty Scorpio Boy says: Your insight has given me a lot to think about and a game plan to raise my 7 year old Scorpio boy!

October 8, at am Reply. Lebo says: Hi Bernadette,My daughter was born on the 15 November and she is super strong willed and moody. October 8, at pm Reply. Bernadette King says: Hi, Lebo; Please accept my apology. LOL Always, remember, Scorpios are one of the two most emotional signs of the zodiac Pisces is the other. October 12, at pm Reply. October 13, at am Reply. Let me know if I can help in any other way. October 14, at pm Reply. Taurus mom says: Hi Bernadette, My son was due November 17, , but due to some pregnancy complications he was born September 1, October 14, at am Reply.

October 17, at pm Reply. Sagittarius Mom says: My Scorpio boy is getting ready to turn October 22, at am Reply. Sure hope that helps! October 22, at pm Reply. Worried momma says: My daughter is about to turn 2 Oct 31 she is very strong willed and set in her ways. October 28, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hi, Worried Momma; My advice to all parents of Scorpio children is to take lots of vitamins and keep your favorite adult beverage handy at all times!

LOL I completely understand that you are worried. November 1, at pm Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Rebecca; Wow. From each family member, your psychic Scorpio son might have picked up some of the following personality traits: Virgo — never think they are good enough. November 2, at am Reply. Mommyof3 says: This relates to my son so far. November 2, at pm Reply. November 9, at am Reply. November 13, at pm Reply. Hope that helps. November 23, at pm Reply. Rebecca H says: Hi there! November 26, at pm Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Rebecca; Yay! November 28, at am Reply.

Josephine says: Hi.

Zodiac Constellation Date Ranges

November 28, at pm Reply. December 4, at pm Reply. Heather says: I have Twins, 1 boy 1 girl. January 20, at pm Reply. April says: Hi thanks for the read! December 15, at pm Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, April; Apologies for the tardy reply. Was on vacation. December 26, at pm Reply.

December 17, at pm Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Jesseca; Apologies for the tardy reply. And the same holds true for you. Heaven Majesta says: Hello! December 18, at pm Reply. January 2, at am Reply. LOL Oh my goodness!

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LOL Hope that helps! January 14, at pm Reply. Pisces mom says: Thank you so much I love reading any new insight with my daughter. January 15, at pm Reply. January 29, at pm Reply. Pisces Mom says: I was so excited I forgot to mention her father is a Sagittarius but he left a little over a month after she was born and disappears for months at a time. January 2, at pm Reply.

Cusp Mama says: Hello! January 11, at am Reply. Elissa says: Hello, We are a Libra mom and Taurus dad. January 18, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Elissa; I am sorry you are freaked out. Rachel says: Hi Bernadette, My youngest daughter was born November 15, she is now 6. January 22, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Rachel; My humble apology for the delayed reply. February 8, at pm Reply. Rachel says: I feel so much relief from what you have said. February 28, at pm Reply.

Kristie says: I have two daughters and this is so accurate for both.

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  • January 30, at pm Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Apology for delayed reply. February 13, at pm Reply. Loren says: Hello! March 27, at pm Reply. February 19, at am Reply. March 31, at pm Reply. Sasha says: I am a young mom of 2, my aries 2 year old and my piscis 3 year old. April 7, at pm Reply.