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Now, what's next? Identifying a goal for the future will help you manifest it. The very next day, on Thursday, September 19 , your ruling planet, warrior Mars, which is in Virgo, trines Pluto in Capricorn. This transit brings professional blessings, don't be afraid to take action on your dreams.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

It's hard to have it all, but silly not to try. Monday, September 23 , is the fall equinox and the start of Libra season.

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Libra represents balance and rules partnerships. You're generous, Aries, and never afraid to give your time to a friend. However, you're also a workhorse. Fine-tune your schedule or try to manage your expectations so you can get your work done while also maintaining romantic partnerships and friendships.

Aries Daily Horoscope November Astrology on the Web

The new moon in Libra on Saturday, September 28 brings balance and self-care into focus. Take a break from work, put on some Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and go out dancing with a date or your best friend.

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By Leah Prinzivalli. By Kaleigh Fasanella.

Today's Readings for You

Thanks to great discipline, you might excel at sports. However, a desire to make decisions with your heart, not brain, may decelerate you. You will feel great surrounded by family or in a stable relationship. It is also a convenient place to self-realize. These days, you will look for individuals with a complex and mysterious mind. Even though your feelings are more intense than ever, you do your best to hide them and keep a poker face.

An intimate relationship can be developed through education, during this time. You are definitely certain about that. During this time, you will probably want to remain dignified in any situation. Your view of the world will be very realistic which can be reflected in your decision-making.


Establishing a relationship just to secure the social status is common too. In this period, a great influx of mental energy may occur. You will be able to absorb information even late at night, feeling no tiredness. If your mind is focused, everything is possible.

Your August Horoscope, Revealed

No obstacle will be huge enough for you. Additionally, you will be interested in original topics, for example sex, occultism or medicine. During this time, you can expect being rational and cold. Jupiter, the planet of exuberance and faith, moved into his home sign of Sagittarius back on November 8, , and will remain here through December 2, This presents an incredible opportunity to believe in the possibilities of life in a way that you might not have in quite some time.

While Jupiter was touring Scorpio, there was an intensity to your pursuit of happiness that sometimes felt heavy. Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, you look and feel lighter.

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  5. In fact, you might notice that you're all smiles as the year begins. Jupiter will square Neptune on January 13, June 16, and September Neptune might lead you to be hopelessly unrealistic about a situation and that may, ultimately, lead to disappointment.

    Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

    When others can't fulfill your pedestal version of them and they remind you that they are only human after all, it can be quite disenchanting. The same might happen if you're working on a project that you have high hopes for. If you're only working on faith and forget the brass tacks, the happy ending you're hoping for might never materialize. Fortunately, the universe will provide a simultaneous opportunity for you to ground all of this idealism into something real -- as long as you remember to keep your eyes open.

    Neptune will make a supportive sextile to stabilizing Saturn on January 31, June 18, and again on November 8.